pex Teen Center

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Most embarrassing...

Real life most embarrassing stories (who, what, where, when, why, and how did we get through it) 

Look whose talking

What do you hear and where is it coming from


What should it really look like  (take the friendship test)


Godly love vs. worldly love

(Funny real life stories to illustrate the differences)


What does it say to you  (listen, give your opinion in open discussion)

How do you know...

Making teen decisions, what to take into consideration (blindfold maze)


Safe Stay: The Change offers teens a place to go directly after school until 8 pm on school nights, during which time they will be supervised by adult volunteers and staff.  They will have a quiet section to complete homework, read, and have access to homework assistance.  They will also have a separate section with the ability to socialize with peers in a safe supervised environment with music, foose ball table, pool table, etc...


Change Mobs: This is an organized community event coordinated and supervised by the adult staff where a group of teens meet at a community member’s home or business to provide much needed services, all on a volunteer basis. 

i.e. Cleaning, Lawn work-rake leaves, mow grass, shovel snow, plant flowers, walk dogs, visit with elderly, wash windows, tutor children-at the center, cook meals, wash cars, small repairs, etc...

Leadership Labs: Youth will have opportunities to create, organize, schedule, and supervise different events,

while being supervised and guided by adult staff and volunteers. This is excellent to put on college applications.


Teen Board: Another opportunity to be mentored as a leader.  Each seat on the board of directors will have a Jr. counterpart.  They will be included in on any correspondence between their counterpart and anything having to do with The Change.  They will sit with their Sr. counterpart half an hour before any meeting they will take part in to discuss the agenda and give their feedback to the Sr. board member.  Either board member can speak at the meeting. 

​Occasional weekend lock downs (either all boy or all girl no mixed gender retreats): Themes vary on gender and occasion. 

Wilderness Hikes, Scavenger Hunts, Flag Football, Picnics, Hooping and much more...


Why are some 40 year old people so much less mature than some 20 year old people. (discuss life experiences and what happens when you let fear prevent you from growing up...

Something to think about - Workshops     

Each one - fun and done in 30 minutes or less 

Thinking is KEY. ​Our youth will ultimately decide the people they will become as they grow up. We get them thinking to make good decisions for themselves when no one else is around.