pex Teen Center

Change Chills

​Friday and Saturday nights from 6 pm to 11:30 pm we have Change "Chills".  This is where teens can socialize, play pool, foosball, darts, etc... all at The Change. Entrance and all of the above activities are free.  There are snacks and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase with cash OR Change Bucks that were earned during the week. Periodically, teens can display their musical talents individually or in a band.

As usual the teens are supervised by adult staff and volunteers.  Rules must be followed at all times to ensure the safety of all.  

The Change is used as a safe place to just socialize on the weekend, still abiding by Christian principals.  This is to allow the youth of our community to have fun without parents and guardians being concerned about experimentation with illegal or immoral activities/behaviors.