pex Teen Center

Coupon Book Choices

How it works...

i.e. One Coupon Book  contains 10 coupons $1 each

You pay $13 and the teens that you give the coupons to can use them to purchase up to $10 worth of snacks etc. at The Change teen center.

The additional $3 will go toward administrative costs.


B-seen B-ing The Change...Earn Change Bucks

The "Be Seen" Objective:

a.  Provide all youth regardless of social standing or heritage, the opportunity to earn “Change Bucks”
for being seen performing good deeds, acts of kindness, unselfish or above average teenage
​ behavior by an adult in the community.  This gives all youth the opportunity to earn their own
way to pay for their entertainment, while building up the community’s perception of youth as a
​ whole.

 b.Those adults who wish to support The Change can purchase coupon books of “Change Bucks”. 
These coupon books will be sold in varied USD amounts, i.e. $1, $5, $10 and multi-value coupons. 
The purchaser of the coupon can present them to any teens they wish for observing positive
behavior, improved effort with grades, household chores, etc...

 c. Companies can advertise their support for the teen center by filling in the "given by" section of the          coupon.