pex Teen Center

What do we guide by?

Basic Christian Principles

How we instill these principles through The Change:

We do not believe in force feeding biblical scripture on anyone.  We firmly believe that you can be the best witnesses by living a good Christian life on a daily basis.  When people see the peace, love, and unity that we show in our lives on a regular basis, they tend to ask questions.  When faced with the opportunity to share our faith, we do so guided by the Holy Spirit. 

Our Vision...

The Change will be stepping up and out in faith by:

​​Taking adult ownership of the current community concerns in regard to our youth by providing a safe, supervised physical location for teens to go to after school and on weekends to complete school assignments, socialize, engage in activities, and more.  Monday-Thursday from 1 pm to 8 pm with extended hours on the weekend.

Giving all of our community youth the opportunity to be involved by offering a FREE place to interact regardless of their family income, race, athletic ability, academic achievements, or

social status.
Offering short, fun interactive workshops and activities to re-establish fundamental values.
Sharing the Word through our interactions and illustrations of how to think for themselves, reason, make good decisions, understand consequences, and see what good leadership looks like.

Locating, scheduling, and supervising safe, fun volunteer events in our community to build a sense of purpose, pride and positive recognition for our teens.

Supplying a place for teens to go on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 pm-11:30 pm that delivers a safe, supervised environment, with no alcohol, drugs, foul language, or inappropriate behavior. 

Providing a way for the youth to earn their own way to pay for their wants (snacks, T-shirts, etc...) while at The Change, through community involvement during the week. 

Providing their own currency “Change Bucks”-  a way for the adult community to purchase and present to teens when seen engaging with the community in a positive way.  (Teens can use this as currency to purchase food and other safe items only sold at The Change.)

Building an even stronger community over the years where our priorities and values make us THE most desired town in the nation to live and raise a family.